Academics and Research

RedHawk Linux and SIMulation Workbench
enhance R&D capabilities

Education, Research and Simulation Centers worldwide enhance their R&D capabilities with RedHawk Linux and SIMulation Workbench real-time solutions.

Degree-granting institutions and research facilities worldwide now have access to our real-time Linux products for simulation, data acquisition and process control applications at a lower cost of ownership.

Our industry-leading real-time hardware and software tools enable these organizations to enhance their research and development capabilities and accelerate skills for careers in IoT, autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, finance and more.

Concurrent Real-Time products are part of the world’s most-advanced wind-turbine drivetrain testing facility at the Dominion Energy Innovation Center at Clemson University in Charleston, SC.

Vi-grade Multimatic SimCenter Detroit in Nov, MI, utilizes SIMulation Workbench to run MATLAB/Simulink dynamic vehicle models.

Several packages of real-time hardware and comprehensive software tools are available for academia and research organizations:


iHawk Intel or NVIDIA Platform

Our iHawk hardware is available on the Intel or NVIDIA Jetson platform running the latest version of our RedHawk Linux real-time operating system.

All NVIDIA Jetson-based iHawk hardware is bundled with the latest supported release of RedHawk Linux with the appropriate JetPack release.

SIMulation Workbench Real-Time Modeling Environment

SIMulation Workbench is the ideal solution for your hardware-in- the-loop (HIL) simulation, testing and rapid prototyping needs. It fully supports hand-coded models and models developed using MathWorks’ MATLAB/Simulink products and other popular modeling tools.

NightStar Tools and Custom I/O Devices and Drivers

NightStar debugging and analysis tools, and custom I/O devices and drivers may be eligible for educational pricing on certain platforms.
Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.