Finance & Banking

RedHawk Linux operating system guarantees
microsecond response time.

RedHawk Linux real-time operating system helps the financial industry lower costs and increase profitability by guaranteeing response times of less than 5 microseconds.

In the banking and brokerage industries, low latency is the key to successful financial transaction processing. Often, it can mean the difference between mere survival and the ability to compete aggressively – and win – in today’s demanding financial markets.

Concurrent solutions are specifically designed to help financial services firms of all kinds achieve consistent data delivery without unwanted latency spikes. We can help you achieve guaranteed real-time response and management of market data so you can you maximize performance while getting a leg up on the competition.

  • Lower Costs & Increased Profitability
  • Consistent data delivery
  • Guaranteed real-time response

Optimal Financial Applications Performance

Our RedHawk Linux real-time operating system offers the perfect platform to help financial services firms achieve lower costs and increased profitability. That’s because RedHawk Linux RTOS offers guaranteed response of less than 5 microseconds on certified platforms in support the most complex financial services applications.

In fact, RedHawk Linux is sought out by financial organizations worldwide who demand optimal performance of their trading applications. Our iHawk multiprocessor solutions running RedHawk support real-time networking for accelerated, deterministic delivery of transaction data packets in and between data centers.

Our powerful NightStar Tools non-intrusive debugging and analysis tools offer unprecedented insight into overall system performance. For example, our NightTrace utility provides a graphic view of the interaction of your application with the Linux kernel, allowing you to tune your application for maximum performance.

Our award-winning real-time expertise and customer support is available when and wherever you need it.