Manufacturing & Automation

Our real-time Linux solutions are used in  process design, industrial plant control and automation.

In today’s highly-automated manufacturing world, plant engineers need state-of-the-art technology to achieve improved production cycles and quality. Manufacturers who optimize production processes can quickly satisfy customers and gain market share.

To achieve process improvement, engineers know they need to start with a solid real-time foundation, and that’s why they turn to Concurrent. Today, our real-time technology is being used in the world’s most critical manufacturing applications – from process design to industrial testing to plant production control – in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • ​Aluminum manufacturing
  • Fuel distribution
  • Medical robotics
  • Steel processing
  • Power plant control

Complete Process Control Solutions

At Concurrent, we know that process control solutions used in manufacturing and automation applications require cost-effective COTS products powered by a deterministic operating system. And that’s where our iHawk multiprocessing systems and RedHawk Linux real-time operating system step up to the challenge.

The RedHawk Linux RTOS offers highly deterministic real-time response times of less than 5 microseconds to guarantee successful handling of all process events.

Our iHawk platforms are complete solutions. All the I/O cards, drivers and packaging needed to meet your process control requirements are fully integrated and tested.

Our NightStar Tools help engineers find solutions for difficult problems quickly and tune systems to achieve optimum performance

Our SIMulation Workbench tools help control engineers develop process models and fully test their processes before entering plant production.