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Explore Our Real-time Technology

RedHawk Linux

Hard Real-Time Linux Operating System

SIMulation Workbench

Real-Time XiL Simulation Framework

GPU Workbench Servers

Real-time GPU Compute Solutions

RedHawk Architect

Customize and Deploy RedHawk Linux OS

FPGA Workbench

Customized FPGA Solutions

SIGnal Workbench

Signal Conditioning and Fault Insertion Solutions

RedHawk KVM-RT

Real-Time Virtualization Unleashed

iHawk Platforms

Hard Real-Time Systems


Smart Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions

NightStar Tools

Analyze and Tune
Real-Time Systems

ImaGen Visual Servers

Multi-channel COTS Graphic Solutions

Real-Time I/O

Data Acquisition I/O Solutions

Featured RTOS and HIL Solutions