RedHawk KVM-RT

Real-Time Virtualization Unleashed


RedHawk KVM-RT is a finely-tuned hypervisor developed by Concurrent Real-Time that integrates proven Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) open source technology with the RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. Concurrent’s KVM-RT Configuration Tool makes it easy to create virtual machines (VMs) that extend the real-time abilities of RedHawk Linux to VMs running on a single physical host system.

RedHawk is Concurrent Real-Time’s specialized, real-time version of the open source Linux operating system for Intel x86 and ARM64 platforms. The KVM-RT Configuration Tool leverages unique features of the RedHawk Linux host for memory management, process scheduling, device access and I/O. Real-time performance is guaranteed through RedHawk Linux’s shielding and scheduling mechanisms.

Implementing RedHawk KVM-RT on the real-time RedHawk Linux distribution broadens KVM’s capabilities and provides guaranteed real-time performance in virtual machines. It also provides support for multiple real-time and non-real-time guests. RedHawk KVM-RT can achieve worst-case maximum response times of less than 10 microseconds on certified hardware platforms.

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