Value-Added Resellers

APEX Turbine

Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies is a supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions with a proven record of delivering industry-leading software applications worldwide for over 20 years.

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Corenet Corporation

Corenet Corporation is the solution provider for plant monitoring systems in nuclear power plants and the system management company for paint manufacturing companies in Korea.

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Diamond Visionics

Diamond Visionics

Diamond Visionics provides cutting-edge image-generation software and visualization tools for training and simulation, mission rehearsal, and homeland security.

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HiRain Technologies

HiRain Technologies provides integrated solutions for customers by combining popular development tools with its own technical capabilities.

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JRM Technologies

JRM Technologies

JRM Technologies specializes in advanced sensor phenomenology modeling and simulation for government and industry customers including the Air Force and the Navy.

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KCEI, Co. Ltd.

KCEI specializes in research and development in modeling and simulation, including visual simulation. KCEI is the leading reseller of Concurrent Real-Time products in Korea.

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Samwell Testing

Samwell Testing Inc.

Samwell Testing Inc. specializes in reliability engineering, providing system integrated tools, technology, and knowledge to industries in Taiwan.

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VI-grade is a provider of real-time simulation and professional driving simulator solutions that accelerate product development across the transportation industry.

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