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Concurrent’s Real-Time I/O Cards

Concurrent offers a wide range of PCIe, PCI and VME data acquisition I/O cards on its iHawk real-time multiprocessing systems. All I/O cards are supported by RedHawk Linux operating system drivers and are fully integrated and tested in iHawk solutions tailored to specific application needs.

PCIe I/O cards designed and manufactured by Concurrent include NIST-certified analog input and output cards and high-performance FPGA-based cards designed specifically for automotive industry applications.

Concurrent-manufactured I/O cards include:

  • 64-channel, 18-bit SAR Analog Input
  • 32-channel, 24-bit Delta-Sigma Analog Input
  • 32-channel and 8-channel, 18-bit Analog Output
  • 12-line Pulse Width Modulation Output
  • 12-line Pulse Width Modulation Input
  • Multifunction 16-channel A/D, 16-channel D/A, 96-line Digital
  • 12-input, 12-output SENT protocol
  • 4-channel Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen (UEGO)
  • 16-line Resistor Simulation
  • 64-channel Digital Input Change-of-State
  • 4-line Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Engine Simulation FPGA with crank, cam, ignition and injection signals
  • Programmable FPGA cards with 362K and 504K logic elements
  • Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen (UEGO) Sensor

Featured Cards

64-Channel Analog Input PCIe Card

Concurrent’s CP-ADS6418 is a 64-channel, 18-bit, FPGA-based analog-to-digital converter card with a PCI Express interface. The CP-ADS6418 converts up to 500K samples/second per channel when using 64 channels. The card can also be used as a 32-channel card supporting up to 700K samples/second per channel. In addition, two channels can be combined to sample as a single channel providing up to 32 channels converting up to 1 Mega sample per second.

Pulse Width Modulation I/O Cards

Concurrent’s FPGA-based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) cards are ideal for use in high-performance hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and test applications. The PWM input card is designed for capturing pulse width modulated signals with high accuracy. It features a timing resolution of 15 nanoseconds and the ability to measure the frequency and duty cycle. The PWM output card can autonomously generate TTL pulse width modulation signals with a timing resolution of 50 nanoseconds and has the ability to program sine frequencies, PWM frequencies, dead-band and duty cycle in real-time.

Resistor Simulator PCIe Card

Concurrent Real-Time’s Resistor Simulator PCIe card provides 16 individual resistors programmable from 45 ohms to 1 megaohms in 5 ohm steps. Voltage ranges are +/-14V with a maximum current of +/-10mA. Includes OPEN, +VOLTAGE and GROUND fault insertion on all resistor lines.



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