Wheel Speed Sensor Output Card

Simulate wheel speed sensor signals with high accuracy

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What is the Wheel Speed Sensor Output Card?

Concurrent Real-Time’s FPGA-based Wheel Speed Sensor (WSS) Simulation card is ideal for use in high-performance hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and test applications. The WSS output card is designed for simulating the output of wheel speed sensor signals with high accuracy. Four output channels provide the ability to simulate 4 wheels with independent tooth wheel profiles. The card features a timing resolution of 15 nanoseconds. The WSS output card can autonomously generate TTL pulses based on the sensor tooth profile and the wheel RPM.

The WSS output card is fully supported by Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux operating system on iHawk SIMulation Workbench platforms. Multiple cards can be installed in a single system. A Molex LFH-60 connector is mounted on each card for connection to external devices.




Output Card

4-channel TTL output simulating wheel speed sensor signals

66 MHz base frequency

Programmable tooth wheel profiles for up to 100 teeth per channel

Angular resolution of 0.01 degrees

+10,000 RPM to -10,000 RPM with a resolution of 0.001 RPM


FPGA-based WSS board

Supports multiple cards per system

External connectors: Molex LFH-60


DimensionsFHHL PCI Express

Power Requirements

Power RequirementsApproximately 5 Watts

Ordering Information

12-channel SENT protocol I/O CardCP-PWM-1204
SIMulation Workbench LicenseICS-SWB-1281
Output Interface Assembly with 6-foot CableCX-LFH60-OUT

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