GPU Workbench Brochure

GPU Workbench Brochure

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The Navy’s Torpedoes Better Targeted Using iHawk™ Real-Time Simulation

The Navy requires the guaranteed real-time latency and repeatable, deterministic performance offered by RedHawk Linux-powered iHawks.

Real-Time Performance During CUDA™

RedHawk Linux kernel optimizations allow hard real-time performance guarantees to be preserved even while demanding CUDA applications are running.

PCI Express Expansion Limitations

There are several limitations that plague PCI-E expansion. This white paper addresses some of those issues and how Concurrent recommends dealing with them.

An Overview of Kernel Text Page Replication in RedHawk Linux 6.3

This paper describes the RedHawk Linux kernel feature that replicates kernel text and read-only data pages on NUMA nodes on RedHawk v6.3 systems.