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iHawk Platforms Brochure

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File System Throughput Performance on RedHawk Linux

This paper reports the throughput performance of the EXT4, XFS, BTRFS and REISER4 file systems on RedHawk
Linux 7.2 running on an Intel Xeon server.

U.S. Navy Chooses RedHawk Linux

The U.S. Navy has selected RedHawk™ Linux® as its Open Architecture Operating System for a variety of programs requiring real-time performance.

GE Transportation Keeps Locomotive Development and Performance Rolling with Concurrent Real-Time Simulation

GE Transportation began migrating its HIL simulation operations to Concurrent in 1995. Since then, GE has standardized on Concurrent products.

Using ROS with RedHawk Linux on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2

Guide for installing and running ROS 2 under RedHawk™ Linux® and for tools available for the NVIDIA® Jetson TX2 development boards.