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An Overview of Kernel Text Page Replication in RedHawk Linux 6.3

This paper describes the RedHawk Linux kernel feature that replicates kernel text and read-only data pages on NUMA nodes on RedHawk v6.3 systems.

South Korea Defense Contractor Relies on Concurrent for State-of-the-Art Virtual Tank Platoon Simulator

Hyundai Rotem, the heavy industry division of Hyundai Motors Group chose Concurrent’s ImaGen™ visual servers for the Phase I deployment of its KTPS program.

Building a Better Embedded Solution

This paper provides a full view of Concurrent Real-Time’s solution for the embedded industry, the RedHawk Embedded Linux platform.

File System Throughput Performance on RedHawk Linux

This paper reports the throughput performance of the EXT4, XFS, BTRFS and REISER4 file systems on RedHawk
Linux 7.2 running on an Intel Xeon server.

Real-Time Performance During CUDA™

RedHawk Linux kernel optimizations allow hard real-time performance guarantees to be preserved even while demanding CUDA applications are running.