Multi-Function I/O PCIe Card


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Real-Time Performance of a Security-Hardened RedHawk™ Linux® During Denial-of-Service Attacks

This paper analyzes the features of RedHawk that help combat Denial-of-Service attacks and how it performs during such an attack.

Building a Better Embedded Solution

This paper provides a full view of Concurrent Real-Time’s solution for the embedded industry, the RedHawk Embedded Linux platform.

An Overview of RedHawk Linux Security Features

This paper discusses several security features that together can harden RedHawk systems to military-grade standards.

Memory-Shielded RAM Disk Support in RedHawk Linux 6.0

This paper describes a feature of RedHawk that provides the ability to control NUMA node page placement of RAM disk data.

PCI Express Expansion Limitations

There are several limitations that plague PCI-E expansion. This white paper addresses some of those issues and how Concurrent recommends dealing with them.