NightStar - Real-Time Linux Debugging and Analysis Tools

NightStar - Real-Time Linux Debugging and Analysis Tools Brochure

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An Overview of RedHawk Linux Security Features

This paper discusses several security features that together can harden RedHawk systems to military-grade standards.

Building a Better Embedded Solution

This paper provides a full view of Concurrent Real-Time’s solution for the embedded industry, the RedHawk Embedded Linux platform.

Lockheed Martin Purchased Over $1 Million of Concurrent’s RedHawk Real-Time Linux for U.S. Navy Next Generation Aegis Weapon System

Concurrent Real-Time has been selected as a supplier for Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Open Architecture.

Real-Time Linux: The RedHawk Approach

RedHawk Linux safeguards deterministic application behavior while minimizing impact on system stability and complexity through processor shielding and other methods.

Comparison of Real-Time Network Performance of RedHawk Linux 7.5.2 and Red Hat Operating Systems

This paper compares the real-time network performance of the RedHawk, Red Hat, and CentOS kernels in terms of network latency.