NSTX-U Advances in Real-time Deterministic PCIe-based Internode Communication


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South Korea Defense Contractor Relies on Concurrent for State-of-the-Art Virtual Tank Platoon Simulator

Hyundai Rotem, the heavy industry division of Hyundai Motors Group chose Concurrent’s ImaGen™ visual servers for the Phase I deployment of its KTPS program.

Comparison of Real-Time Network Performance of RedHawk Linux 7.5.2 and Red Hat Operating Systems

This paper compares the real-time network performance of the RedHawk, Red Hat, and CentOS kernels in terms of network latency.

SIMulation Workbench Brochure

Read this brochure to learn more about SIMulation Workbench’s features and what makes it so effective at executing complex simulations.

World-leading Race Car Builder Dallara Automobili Taps Concurrent to Help it Build Cars

Dallara selected Concurrent Real-Time to provide simulation and training technology for its renowned research and development center in Parma, Italy.