SIGnal Workbench Fault Insertion Signal Conditioning Product Description

Fault Insertion Signal Conditioning Product Description

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NSTX-U Advances in Real-time Deterministic PCIe-based Internode Communication

The National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade (NSTX-U) is pursuing a new design that allows for deterministic real-time behavior.

GE Transportation Keeps Locomotive Development and Performance Rolling with Concurrent Real-Time Simulation

GE Transportation began migrating its HIL simulation operations to Concurrent in 1995. Since then, GE has standardized on Concurrent products.

The Navy’s Torpedoes Better Targeted Using iHawk™ Real-Time Simulation

The Navy requires the guaranteed real-time latency and repeatable, deterministic performance offered by RedHawk Linux-powered iHawks.

Comparison of Real-Time Network Performance of RedHawk Linux 7.5.2 and Red Hat Operating Systems

This paper compares the real-time network performance of the RedHawk, Red Hat, and CentOS kernels in terms of network latency.