Tuning a RedHawk Linux System - Part 1

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RedHawk Linux – A Real-Time Linux Development Environment

Read this brochure to learn more about RedHawk Linux’s features and what makes it the most reliable real-time operating system.

NSTX-U Advances in Real-time Deterministic PCIe-based Internode Communication

The National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade (NSTX-U) is pursuing a new design that allows for deterministic real-time behavior.

World-leading Race Car Builder Dallara Automobili Taps Concurrent to Help it Build Cars

Dallara selected Concurrent Real-Time to provide simulation and training technology for its renowned research and development center in Parma, Italy.

Real-Time Performance of a Security-Hardened RedHawk™ Linux® During Denial-of-Service Attacks

This paper analyzes the features of RedHawk that help combat Denial-of-Service attacks and how it performs during such an attack.