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Concurrent real-time data acquisition solutions are designed to process critical data in a wide range of applications such as test and control, product design and dynamic data analysis. When you need to acquire, store and process thousands of data points rapidly and easily, an iHawk data acquisition system powered by RedHawk Linux gives you the best and fastest solution available.

Concurrent data acquisition systems, featuring turn-key signal conditioning and high-cycle fatigue testing software, are the perfect solutions to get projects up and moving quickly. From the testing of automobile ECUs to controlling the modern weapons control systems that protect our world, Concurrent’s real-time data acquisition products provide the most innovative and cost-effective solutions available in the market.

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High Speed Data Acquisition

Concurrent offers an array of products that help save time and simplify acquisition processes – in mission-critical data acquisition applications such as radar and sonar data processing and control, wind tunnels, weather systems and engine testing.

For example, our RedHawk Linux fully deterministic, real-time operating system guarantees the responsiveness you need to optimize the collection and processing of large volumes of data from many channels at a high frame rate.

Concurrent also offers a full range of PCIe, PCI and VME I/O Cards on its data acquisition systems, including high-performance FPGA-based cards manufactured by Concurrent. These COTS I/O cards are supported by RedHawk Linux drivers and are fully integrated and tested in iHawk solutions tailored to your specific application needs.

Our data acquisition products are rugged, reliable and compact – ideal for space-sensitive environments like aircraft, submarines and ground vehicles. Our deterministic, low-latency response ensures time-critical input without data loss.

Signal Conditioning

In data acquisition systems, signals often must be normalized and filtered to levels suitable for A/D conversion. When they do, Concurrent has the right products to help you get the job done quickly and accurately.

Our flexible, SIGnal Workbench programmable and fault insertion signal conditioning solutions are available for a range of data acquisition applications including hardware-in-the loop test stands and dynamic data processing, as well as monitoring systems for engines and turbo-machinery.

Together with Concurrent’s SIMulation Workbench modeling software, SIGnal Workbench offers a powerful solution for ECU and other subsystem testing that require fault insertion. SIGnal Workbench’s programmable signal conditioning hardware is available separately with a control API for real-time applications that require analog input conditioning.

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Lockheed Martin's Aegis Weapon System

Lockheed Martin purchases over $1 million of Concurrent’s RedHawk real-time Linux for U.S. Navy next-generation Aegis weapon system.

Concurrent Real-Time Wins Award

Concurrent honored with prestigious Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award.

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