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Memory-Shielded RAM Disk Support in RedHawk Linux 6.0

This paper describes a feature of RedHawk that provides the ability to control NUMA node page placement of RAM disk data.

Real-Time Performance of a Security-Hardened RedHawk™ Linux® During Denial-of-Service Attacks

This paper analyzes the features of RedHawk that help combat Denial-of-Service attacks and how it performs during such an attack.

Concurrent iHawk™ and ImaGen™ Platforms Play Integral Role in New Daimler Driving Simulator

Daimler selected Concurrent’s iHawk platform as the real-time host for their new simulator and Concurrent ImaGen visual servers for their image generator.

Comparison of Real-Time Network Performance of RedHawk Linux 7.5.2 and Red Hat Operating Systems

This paper compares the real-time network performance of the RedHawk, Red Hat, and CentOS kernels in terms of network latency.